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Clinical Skills - Record, Learn, Develop

The FREE Clinical Skills Log allows you to quickly record your clinical skills and keep an accurate record of your airway and skills interventions. The Clinical Skills App will also help you manage your clinical competencies, access future learning and produce a print ready skills report in just a few steps. The NEW Clinical Skills APP will allow you to accurately record your skills and clinical interventions in a simple, customisable and intuitive mobile app. The research and technology behind the app are designed to monitor and support the clinician and allow access to clinical cases and learning opportunities to encourage professional practice. Easily note airway interventions, wound management or drug administrations with our easy flowing menus. The settings will also allow you to activate new features and skills as we integrate them and also allow you to customise your skills to your own clinical scope of practice. This gives you the ability to customise the features of the app making it feel that its designed just for you. The notification area of the app is where we can post learning and development opportunities and also the latest updates that are available. This will allow you to utilise opportunities and encourage you to take ownership of your development.

Backup Guide for iPhone & iTunes

Our mission is to make sure that you never again lose any data. We�ll show you how to properly backup your data, photos and messages using only apple�s built-in software and services. No need for any third-party apps. Read our guide and learn how to: �Backup your photos & contacts �Backup all your other data �Restore your device if necessary using your old backups �Encrypt, edit, & manage your backups And much more! **** Disclaimer: This app is a guide that explains how to do a backup on your device. It, however, does not do the backup, but gives you detailed step-by-step guidance on how to do it.

Simply Guitar - Learn Guitar

Learn to play the guitar at your own pace with step-by-step tutorials, made by world-class music teachers, and receive feedback from the app while you learn to play your favorite songs! No experience needed | For all ages | Works with any guitar --- Make your musical dreams come true --- � Play chords & songs straight away! � Learn step by step with high-quality video lessons � Receive feedback from the app and know when you are playing correctly or need guidance � Learn all the necessary techniques to play the songs you love: - Guitar fundamentals - Read and play tabs - Playing chords - Chord switching - Strumming techniques - Invaluable tips and tricks for playing correctly - Technique boosting exercises � Track your progress � Learn to tune your guitar (professional tuner included!) � Receive fast support from our musicians � Have fun and quickly improve your skills

Sky Tonight - Star Gazer Guide

SKY TONIGHT is a brand-new astronomical app for exploring the sky. It helps stargazers answer the three most common questions: ? What is that bright dot in the sky? ? What astronomical events can I see tonight? ? How can I find the object I'm interested in? Made by the developers of Star Walk apps, Sky Tonight is a customizable stargazing tool, that is designed for users with different needs and wants. You can adjust the constellation's appearance, set a reminder for any space body configuration, explore the unique relative to observer trajectory, set up a magnitude limit to filter out space objects, and much more.

Business English App by BEP

Learn business English with 450+ lessons from Business English Pod. Build your vocabulary and improve your English listening skills with our advanced English lessons. Learn English for business with your favorite business English lessons from Business English Pod! Boost your English vocabulary and learn English idioms. Improve your English listening skills with our advanced English lessons.

Epic - Kids' Books & Reading

Epic is the leading digital reading platform for kids 12 and under! Our fun, kid-safe, interactive reading app fuels curiosity and reading confidence by letting kids freely explore their interests with instant, anytime access to a library of thousands of books, audiobooks, learning videos, and more. Download the app today and choose which account is right for you.

Simply Piano: Learn Piano Fast

A fast and fun way to learn piano - works with any piano or keyboard. Learn to play the songs you love with Simply Piano! Simply Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to pro. Works with any piano or keyboard. Chosen as one of the best iPhone apps.


Access BrainPOP�s award-winning animated movies, activities and quizzes made by educators and replace your kids� passive screen time with active, enriched learning. Start your free trial today to access content for grades 3-8 across all subjects. BrainPOP is a research-backed learning platform created by educators that know how kids learn best, and perfect for age-appropriate, independent learning. Start watching, learning, playing and growing with us!

Math Games - Learn + - x �

Math Games For Kids, Learn To Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and More! RV AppStudios Kids games are always free, no ads, and no in-app purchases. Hope you enjoy! Want to improve your kid's math skills? How about helping your kids master mathematics with fun, free math games? Math Games is the perfect way to help children learn math skills the easy way! Our math games for kids is super fun! Solve a wide variety of math puzzles, brain teasers, and brain math puzzles using nothing more than basic arithmetic. Pick up new math skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, or get more advanced with fractions �, decimals, and mixed operations.

Calculator + App

Calculator + App, the simplest way to make Math easy! Whether it's basic, scientific, fractions or even solving a problem you take a picture of. We've got you covered! � Snap and Scribble Calculator (NEW!) � Optimized for iPhone & iPad � Basic Calculator � Scientific Calculator � Fraction Calculator � Currrency Converter � Calculation History � Customize with Themes � Simple & Intuitive Design

Plynk: Investing for Beginners

Double Up with Plynk! Open an Account, Make a Deposit & Plynk Will Match It Up To $100. Plynk� is an app designed to help you get started investing commission-free* and learn along the way. We�ve replaced the confusing jargon and complex charts with simple language, tips and how-tos. � Start investing in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and crypto with as little as $1 � Easy access to your money and investments

Mental Math Cards Games & Tips

Want to improve your math skills with out having to memorize a hundred tricks? Mental Math Cards is designed to help people of all ages and skill levels improve their arithmetic abilities through easy to remember (and use) tips, practice question sets, and an addictive game. Unlike many other math apps, advanced problems are also supported to keep things challenging as your skills improve. Mental Math Cards is fully integrated with Game Center - providing both Leaderboards and Achievements. The Game Center features allow you to test your skills against the rest of the world and to share your scores and accomplishments with friends.


Tradovate is specifically designed for simplicity through an intuitive easy-to-use interface, providing you with the features and information you need, where you need them, when you need them.

Current: The Future of Banking

Current is the future of banking. Spend, save, and manage your money better with our mobile banking app and Visa debit card designed to make the most of what you've got. Current is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group; Member FDIC. Join over 4 million members that trust Current & sign up today.

Finhabits: mi dinero

Invest wisely, get health insurance, build smart habits and more! At Finhabits, we believe that financial services should be more inclusive. Our app allows you to invest for your future, sign up for affordable health insurance plans, and learn smart financial habits. Join our community and master your money habits!

Bloom: Investing for Teens

Introducing Bloom, the #1 teen investing app for teens to learn about money and investing! Bloom offers 100+ interactive financial education lessons taught by Ivy League professors and business leaders on critical topics like budgeting, investing, credit, crypto & more! In addition, Bloom provides a custodial brokerage account for teens to invest in real stocks / ETFs and start building wealth early.

Money Manager : Budget Planner

Money Manager helps you track your financial activity efficiently. Its simple design makes it lightweight, straightforward and very easy to use. It�s done in one click, because you don�t need to fill anything except the amount. You need just a few SECONDS daily to save the amount and each spending purpose. No matter where you are just a couple of taps will save your expense.

Wiley Efficient Learning

Turn downtime into study time. Stream or download Video Lessons, create custom Flash Card Decks, and quiz yourself with practice questions in the Test Bank. Track your progress by syncing Test Bank questions and flashcard activity across devices.

Fintor � Real Estate Investing

Housing expenses are the biggest cost for a lot of us. Let Fintor pay your rent or mortgage, so you can invest that money for a better future! Fintor is the next-gen way to invest in real estate, starting at just $5. Easily buy, hold, and sell shares of real estate properties, just like stock or crypto. The leading real estate investing platform for you to build your portfolio, earn yield, engage with a dynamic community and stay up-to-date on real estate news.